"With it’s addictive beats and (mostly) instrumental sounds, electronic music defies cultural borders and is beloved the world over. Still, it’s nice to know a little something about the music you’re dancing to, and the people who make it and play it. That’s why we assembled this list of 10 videos we recommend you watch before attending Movement 2014. They’re guaranteed to get you excited about the party ahead, and will give you a little trivia to impress your friends with."

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Super late with this one, but it’s a few days after Coachella, so I’m super late with everything.  Track off of Future’s new album, “Honest,” now playing everywhere.  Mike Will Made It crushing the game.  Pusha being Push.  And Pharrell actually flowing a lil bit.   

(There’s also a track on the album with Andre 3K that’s a B-). 

Enjoy life ya’ll. 



Arcade Fire closed Weekend Two of Coachella on Sunday night in (obvious) epic fashion. After a crushing set (except for the Beck cameo, which we need the back story on pronto), they ditched the stage and played their way through the crowd. It was a spirit party. It was real. Enjoy. -WhatWhat


Digging this. Great video and a hypnotic, dreamy track. The Pathfinder EP is solid as well. Check it out

Been a Nine Inch Nails fan for quite some time - saw them open for Peter Murphy at Cullen Auditorium in Houston on the Pretty Hate Machine tour - and the PSB crew raved about the Coachella gig last year. Caught a few minutes of the ACL performance tonight and while I can’t speak for the whole thing, Copy of A absolutely destroyed. 

I didn’t want to like this tune from a guy in Fun. who also happens to be Lena Dunham’s BF, but I gotta be honest. This is a great pop tune and a potential/probable summer smash. Works as an NCAA championship montage theme song as well. And I really, honestly want to get better…


Never heard of em.

But they’re on Ghostly.

And Ghostly artists are worth a listen 77% of the time. 

Especially when they’re bringing these deep retro basslines. 

I respect this effort.

It’s a quality track and cool video.

It’s hard to be this good. 

Very hard. 

But will I ever listen to this again? 

Will I remember this tomorrow?

Probably not.  

And what does that mean?

Who cares.




Every once in awhile, the Palm Springs Beats team strays from its heavy rap, electronic, and occasional metal tendencies, caught unawares in some deep thoughts, some folk, some singer-songwriters, some psychedelia, whatever floats our boats. Lately, most of us have been on that train with top notch releases from The War On Drugs,  Real Estate, and Sun Kil Moon.

Today I’m here to introduce you to Céleigh Chapman who’s first solo effort in over 10 years is out now on iTunes and Amazon. Now Céleigh is most definitely a country girl at heart, but don’t let that sweet voice fool you, she’s got a little ‘tude in her pipes! The EP dances about from joyous jamborees to the more sullen, reflective “Iowasposta”, a choice cut on the record.

Perhaps what struck me the most was she seems to bring a nostalgic feel to the days of country that I remember hearing my mom play when I was a kid. I’ve never been a fan of country music per se, but I’ve heard enough over the years to know that there was a golden era of country music and that era has clearly disappeared in recent years. Nice that young people like Céleigh understand the genuine vibe of that period and are able to create something authentic and their own out of that sound.

Download “Happy Now”, well… now! 

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SOOOOO good. Title is totally apropos. Beautifully subtle like The Field.


Haven’t f’d with these guys before.

Letterman performance rocked me though.

Now I’m f’ing with them ‘ard. 

New album destroys (stream here).

Couldn’t have come at a better time.

Could care less about rap right now.  

Techno is not motivating me. 

This album and the new War On Drugs. 



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